If you’re one of the 160 people who missed the congregation meeting last Sunday then you’ve missed an exciting information packed session laying out the future foundations for the growth of our church.

Our treasurer, Peter, detailed the state of finances which, while reserves are declining at an alarming rate, should remain steady for the remainder of the year due to the recent staffing cuts. The congregation resolved to maintain the current financial year budget expenditure until year end, with a calendar year budget to be presented at the November meeting.

Now for the really interest stuff. David presented a paper outlining a framework for discussion around an update of our strategic place. The paper detailed the activities and opportunities for growth brainstormed by the last congregation meeting. Now is the time to sharpen our focus and develop specific strategies for connections that exist between our congregation and the local community. The meeting broke into small groups to discuss ideas. Look for more to come about this in the next few weeks!