We continue to work through the requirements associated with the path to reopening activities at our property. The information below has been updated to reflect the progress made this week.

Government COVID Sage Step 3 Plan – became effective on Monday 29 June, with 1 person per 2sqm. Sign in sheets and hand sanitiser are at all entry points. Signage on doors indicates room capacity. Cleaning schedules and procedures are in the final stages of completion.

Worship – worship for 9:15am and 6:00pm resumes on 5 July. A tentative date for the resumption of worship for 11:00am is 19 July. The new 1 person per 2sqm rule means that we will most likely be able to accommodate everyone in the church without the need for an overflow are. Live streaming of worship services will continue.

Vulnerable people – all people are welcome to attend worship. People who are vulnerable (aged over 60 with health conditions, or aged over 70) are encouraged to use their common sense. It may be prudent to seek medical advice to determine if it is safe to participate in worship, volunteering, or other church activities. If you family are concerned about you re-engaging at the church you may wish to discuss it with them so they don’t become angry toward the church (or even God).

Sickness – please remember the vulnerable in our community and if you are unwell in any way please stay home (even if all you have is a cold) and let us know so that we can support you.

Social distancing – people will be watching how we social distance, so please give a good witness to our neighbours and passing walkers by maintaining the 1.5m distance (including while queueing to enter) and avoiding hugs and handshakes (despite the temptation).

Entry & Exit – the main doors will be ‘entry only’ at the start of worship and ‘exit only’ at the end of worship. If you wish to move again the flow, please use the doors near the choir.

Seating – those who live in the same house can sit together. Chairs will be set up as singles and doubles. If you need more chairs you can drag them from nearby,

Morning Tea – we are not resuming morning tea at this time and there will be no access at all to the kitchen. Please bring your own bottle of water.

Small groups – small groups can resume face to face meeting in homes (provided they meet the 2sqm rule) or at the church. Small group leads should communicate their intentions to the Office so that we are aware of what the different groups are doing.

Craft – craft is resuming at the start of Term 3. There is not enough room (using the 4sqm per person limit) to allow all 250 members to be present at once, so there will be two sittings each week with cleaning in between.

Fit & Focused – Fit & Focused recommenced on Friday 26 June. Fit & Focused is limited to 20 people at a time (using the 7sqm per person limit for indoor fitness activities).

Playgroup – Playgroup is planning to resume at the start of Term 3.

Bourne Youth & JAM – our two youth groups are planning to resume at the start of Term 3.

Other Activities/Ministries – please contact the Office for information and watch this space for further developments.

We thank you for your patience and encourage you to continue staying in touch with one another however you feel most comfortable. Thank you for how you are seeking to care for each other, for the continued connection and the worshipping of God in new and different ways.