We’d love to see you at church on Sunday, but in the meantime, explore the Life of Jesus in this 7 Part Series.

Whether you’ve been interested in the man, but never had time to read up on him, or been a follower of Jesus for years, there is something in this series that is going to be a discovery, or a refresher for you.

Christianity Explained Audio Series

*This series comes from Hope 103.2 – a Sydney Christian Radio station who produced a program called Open House. While we commend their ministry and this recourse, Westbourne Park Uniting Church doesn’t take credit for it, nor do the views represented necessarily depicts ours.  


Weekly Sermons


The weekly sermon from Saddleback Church, taught by Pastor Rick Warren and other Saddleback teaching pastors.

Daily Encouragement

A Different Perspective

A daily 10 minute program that explores the issues of life – things that really matter to you day-to-day – from… a different perspective.

Drive Time Devotions – Saddle Back Church

These devotions will take you through the Bible a book at a time, a chapter a week, listening to a ten-minute devotion each day.

Other Sermons

Desiring God – John Piper

New and archived sermons from John Piper.
God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

Crazy Love – Francis Chan

Archived sermons by Francis Chan.
Begging Christians to talk less and do more.

*While we broadly commend these ministries and these resources, Westbourne Park Uniting Church doesn’t take credit for them, nor do the views represented necessarily depict ours.  


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